Conditions of information transfer

I give my consent to the Bank to process all my personal data specified in the application by any means, including third parties, including reproduction, electronic copying, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, as well as the above processing of my other personal data obtained as a result of their processing, in order to:

I give my consent to the Bank's counterparties to process all my personal data available to the Bank and / or counterparties of the Bank, including for the purpose of informing me about the counterparty's services, as well as to process information about the subscribers and the communication services provided to them (if the counterparty of the Bank is a communication operator) in order to assess the probability of my solvency in the future to make a decision on the issue of a credit card.

This consent is given for a period of 15 years, and in case of its revocation, the processing of my personal data shall be terminated by the Bank and/or third parties and the data shall be destroyed upon termination of the Agreement and full repayment of the debt under the Agreement within 1 (one) year from the date of termination.

I consent to the provision by the Bank of all available information about me in the amount, in the manner and under the conditions defined by the Federal law of the country of residence of the client, in all credit bureaus included in the state register of credit bureaus, as well as to receive a credit report from the above mentioned bureaus for the conclusion of the Contract and during the term of the Contract.

I give my consent to receive advertising, mailing, including via mobile radio communication network, from the Bank, its counterparties and affiliates.


我同意銀行以任何方式處理應用程序中指定的所有我的個人數據, 包括第三方, 包括複製, 電子復制, 去個性化, 阻止, 銷毀, 以及上述對我作為其他方式獲得的其他個人數據的處理經過處理的結果, 以便:

我同意銀行交易對手處理我向銀行和/或銀行交易對手可用的所有個人數據, 包括目的是向我告知交易對手的服務, 以及處理有關訂戶和通訊的信息. 提供給他們的服務(如果銀行的交易對手是通訊運營商), 以評估我將來償付能力的可能性, 從而決定是否發行信用卡.

該同意書的有效期為15年, 如果撤銷, 銀行和/或第三方將終止對我的個人數據的處理, 並且在協議終止並全額償還本金時將銷毀我的數據自終止之日起一(一)年內, 該協議項下的債務.

我同意銀行提供的所有關於我的可用信息, 其金額, 方式和條件應符合客戶居住國的聯邦法律規定, 並應包含在國家信貸登記冊中的所有信貸機構中局, 並從上述局收到一份信用報告, 以訂立合同並在合同期內.

我同意接受世行, 其交易對手和分支機構的廣告, 郵件, 包括通過移動無線電通信網絡的廣告和郵件.