Privacy policy

Supplement to Client agreement

Ensuring the privacy and protection of our Clients ' personal and financial information is our top priority.

Please read the following privacy policy, which explains how Bank China International LTD carried out the collection, processing, storage and protection of Client information.

By opening an account, the Customer gives Bank China International LTD its consent to such collection, processing, storage and use  of personal data by Bank China International LTD as described below.

Bank China International LTD collects the necessary information that is required to open an account, carry out transactions, protect your assets and your privacy and to provide you with the necessary services. To this end, Bank China International LTD obtains information from you and may, in certain circumstances, collect information from relevant banks and/or credit institutions and other sources, allowing us to better understand your needs and preferences and to provide you with better services.

The information collected by Bank China International LTD includes information necessary for contact and identity of Customers. Bank China International LTD may also collect certain demographic information, including date of birth, education, occupation, etc. Bank China International LTD also studies information about trade transactions.

Use of personal data.  Bank China International LTD uses personal data only to the extent necessary to provide you with quality services and to ensure your safety. This information helps us to improve the quality of our services, customize our search to meet your needs, and allows us to inform you of additional products, services or offers related to you and the products and services you need, if you consent to the use of such data for these purposes. If for any reason you do not wish to receive information, please contact us at the following address [email protected]

Affiliates and partners Bank China International LTD may share information with affiliates if such information is objectively needed  affiliates to provide products or services to you. Bank China International LTD may share information with partners, affiliates and associations in order to offer additional similar products and services, that meet your needs, and  provided on convenient terms and in accordance with your requirements only if you have given us your consent.

Unaffiliated third parties. Bank China International LTD  does not sell, license, loan or give personal information to third parties, except as set forth in this privacy Statement. Bank China International LTD reserves the right to disclose personal data to third parties if required to do so by law, regulatory, enforcement or other governmental authority. Bank China International LTD is also entitled, if necessary, disclose information to credit reference agencies or agencies on gathering of payments if it is reasonably necessary to provide you services. To assist in improving the quality of our services Bank China International LTD is entitled to engage third parties to perform certain functions such as account processing, fulfillment of orders, customer service, study customer satisfaction levels or to take other actions for the collection of information relating to our activities. The use of the given information is solely for the performance of the above functions and is not permitted for any other purpose. All third parties to whom Bank China International LTD gives personal data are required to protect such personal data in full compliance with applicable law and to take measures similar to those taken by Bank China International LTD. Bank China International LTD is not entitled to transfer personal data to third parties, which, in its opinion, will not be able to provide its Customers with the necessary level of protection. If you have been introduced to us by a New business initiator ("New business initiator"), such New business initiator may have access to your information. You, hereby, expressly consent to transfer information to such New business initiator. You acknowledge that it may be required to transfer information outside the European economic area in order to provide the services to you, and you consent to such transfer.

Limitation of liability. Bank China International LTD is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of the sites linked to Bank China International LTD and does not control the use or protection of information provided by the Client or collecteёd by these sites. Client may be requested registration and other information while going to the joint web site or the web site referenced. Please note that such information is stored by a third party and is governed by that third party's privacy policy.

Use of cookies files. Bank China International LTD uses cookies to secure your trading operations and improve web site. Cookies used by Bank China International LTD do not contain any personal data or other confidential information. Bank China International LTD may provide statistical data on the use of the website with reputable advertising companies and its affiliated marketing companies. The information collected by the advertising company is impersonal. To administer and improve web site Bank China International LTD may  engage third parties to monitor and analyze usage and statistical information about the content. Such third party may use cookies to track activities and set cookies on behalf of Bank China International LTD. Such cookies do not contain information that allows determining its belonging to a particular person.  

Modifications to Privacy Statement
Bank China International LTD may amend this privacy Statement from time to time.  In the case of any significant changes to this privacy policy, including related to applying the procedure of collection, processing or use of your personal data, the amended Privacy Policy will be placed on personal account in Client agrees that the placement of the new version of the Privacy Statement in electronic form on the website will be considered as the actual notification of the Client. Any dispute regarding our Privacy Statement will be resolved in accordance with such notice and our Customer agreement. Bank China International LTD recommends that the Client review and re-read periodically this policy to ensure that  Client always knows what information Bank China International LTD collects, how Bank China International LTD uses it and to whom Bank China International LTD may give it.

Final statures
The following Privacy Policy is written in Chinese and English languages. If there is a conflict between the Chinese and English versions of the text, the Chinese version shall prevail.




中国银行国际有限公司收集开户、进行交易、保护您的资产和隐私以及为您提供必要服务所需的必要信息。 为此,中银国际有限公司向阁下取得资料,并在某些情况下,可能向有关银行及/或信贷机构及其他来源收集资料,使我们更了解阁下的需要及喜好,并为阁下提供更佳的服务。

中国银行国际有限公司收集的信息包括与客户联系和身份所需的信息。 中国银行国际有限公司也可能收集某些人口统计信息,包括出生日期、教育程度、职业等。 中国银行国际有限公司还研究有关贸易交易的信息。

附属机构和合作伙伴中国银行国际有限公司可能会与附属机构共享信息,如果这些信息是客观需要的附属机构向您提供产品或服务。 中国银行国际有限公司可与合作伙伴、附属机构及协会分享资料,以提供更多类似的产品及服务,以满足您的需要,并以方便的条款及符合您的要求,只有在您同意的情况下才可提供。
声明。 如法律、监管、执法或其他政府当局有需要,中银国际有限公司保留向第三者披露个人资料的权利。 如有需要,中银国际有限公司亦有权向信贷资料服务机构或机构披露有关收集付款的资料,以向阁下提供服务。 为协助提高我们的服务质素,中银国际有限公司有权聘请第三者履行某些职能,例如处理帐户、履行订单、客户服务、研究客户满意程度,或采取其他行动收集与我们活动有关的资料。 使用所提供的资料只供执行上述功能之用,不得作任何其他用途。 中国银行国际有限公司向其提供个人资料的所有第三者,均须完全遵守 中国银行国际有限公司无权将个人数据传输给第三方,其认为将无法为其客户提供必要的保护水平。 如果您是由新业务发起人("新业务发起人")介绍给我们的,则该新业务发起人可能有权访问您的信息。 您在此明确同意将信息转移给新的业务发起者. 您承认,为了向您提供服务,可能需要将信息转移到欧洲经济区以外的地方,并且您同意这种转移。

中国银行国际有限公司可随时修改本私隐声明. 如本私隐政策有任何重大更改,包括适用收集、处理或使用你的个人资料的程序,经修订的私隐政策将放在。客户同意在网站上以电子形式放置新版本的隐私声明将被视为客户的实际通知。 任何有关我们的隐私声明的争议将根据该通知和我们的客户协议解决。 中银国际有限公司建议客户定期检讨及重新阅读本政策,以确保客户随时了解中银国际有限公司收集的资料、中银国际有限公司如何使用该等资料,以及中银国际有限公司可向谁提供该等资料。

以下隐私政策以中文和英文撰写。 中英文文本如有冲突,以中文版本为准。