Types of partnership

Partner of attracting clients and traders

If you have your own customer base and can offer them our services, we are ready to pay for it!

Working as a Partner of attracting clients, you are going to have:


Funds to Your bank account, equal to 0.5% of the amount taken from us on credit* by your attracted  client. If your attracted clients bring new clients, you also get an additional 0.2% of the funds they borrowed.

*The minimum amount of funds taken on credit is $2000.

For example, you attracted 3 customers, each of which received loan in the amount of $2000In this case, your reward will be 3*$10= $30. If each of the clients attracted by you brings 3 more clients, who receives a loan in the amount of $2000 each , then Your additional reward will be 9*$4= $36. If it goes on this way, then at level 5 you will already have 243 attracted clients.In this case, your reward will be 243*$4= $972.

Note that this example did not take into account the options when someone decides to get a loan again. In this case, you also get a reward.


Reward to your bank account equal to 2% of the amount invested* funds attracted by you trader, as well as 1% of the amount of replenishment by all people from the structure formed by you.

* Minimum Deposit amount is $500.

For example, you have attracted 3 people, each of whom has invested $500. In this case, your reward will be 3*$10=$120. If each of the traders you attract brings 3 more people, each of them will invest $500, then Your additional reward will be 9*$5=$45. If it goes on this way, then at level 5 you will already have 243 attracted traders. In this case, your reward will be 243*$5= $1215.

Note that this example did not take into account the options when someone added funds to their account. In this case, you also get a reward.

Trade partner

This type of partnership is suitable for traders who have a long and successful trading experience, as well as ready to share their strategies and signals.

Registering as a trade partner, you”ll get:

  • Instant crediting rewards to your account in the amount of 5% of first replenishment of your account by Your attracted trader
  • Instant crediting of the reward to your trading account equal to 1% of the amount of subsequent deposits of account by the trader attracted by You
  • Possibility of withdrawal of the rewards in full
  • Monthly crediting from 0.5% of the amount received by the traders  partners according to your trading recommendations. The amount will be automatically debited from your clients ' accounts and transferred to your trading account at the end of each month.

We always strive for development and we are pleased to help our partners in the realization of their ideas. We have a huge flow of investors who want to invest not only in trade, but also in the real sector of the economy of different countries.

Registering as a Seller of business, investment ideas and StartUPs, you’ll get the desired revenue from the sale of your product

Looking for investors?

If you are looking for investors in your business or project, we are ready to help you in the development of your direction and find investors with great financial potential among our clients.

For all affiliate questions, please write to our mail: [email protected]



如果您有自己的客戶群並可以為他們提供我們的服務, 我們隨時準備為此付費!



存入您的銀行帳戶的資金, 等於吸引的客戶從我們*獲得的信貸金額的0.5%. 如果您吸引的客戶帶來了新客戶, 您還將獲得他們藉入資金的額外0.2%.

*最低可貸記金額為$ 2000.

例如, 您吸引了3個客戶, 每個客戶獲得了$ 2000的貸款. 在這種情況下, 您的獎勵將是3 * $ 10 = $ 30. 如果您吸引的每個客戶帶來3個以上的客戶, 每個客戶獲得$ 2000的貸款, 那麼您的額外獎勵將為9 * $ 4 = $ 36. 如果繼續這樣下去, 那麼在第5級, 您已經有243個吸引客戶, 這種情況下, 您的獎勵將是243 * $ 4 = $ 972

請注意, 當某人決定再次獲得貸款時, 此示例未考慮選項. 在這種情況下, 您還將獲得獎勵.


獎勵到您的銀行帳戶中, 等於您交易者吸引的投資金額*資金的2%, 以及所有人從您形成的結構中補充的資金的1%.

*最低存款額為$ 500.

例如,您吸引了3個人, 每個人投資$500美元. 在這種情況下,您的獎勵將是3 * $ 10 = $ 120. 如果您吸引的每個商人帶來了3個人,他們每個人將投資$500美元,那麼您的額外獎勵將是9 * $ 5 = $ 45. 如果按照這種方式進行,那麼在第5級,您已經有243個吸引交易者. 在這種情況下,您的獎勵將為243 * $ 5 = $ 1215.

請注意,當有人向其帳戶中添加資金時,此示例未考慮選項.  在這種情況下,您還將獲得獎勵.



註冊為貿易夥伴, 您將獲得:

  • 即時存入您帳戶的獎勵金額是您吸引的交易者首次充值您帳戶的5%
  • 獎勵立即記入您的交易帳戶,等於您吸引的交易者隨後的帳戶存款金額的1%
  • 可能會全額提取獎勵
  • 根據您的交易建議,每月從交易夥伴收到的金額的0.5%入帳.  該金額將在每個月底自動從客戶的帳戶中扣除,並轉入您的交易帳戶.


我們始終為發展而努力,我們很高興為我們的合作夥伴實現他們的想法提供幫助。 我們有大量的投資者,他們不僅要投資於貿易,而且要投資於不同國家的實體經濟領域.




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