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Company history


Bank China International was established by the international exhibition center China international import Expo, which has existed since 1985. China International provides a wide range of banking services. Now, each client can use any services without having to visit the office. Our services are used by individuals and legal entities located not only in China, but also abroad. Our bank was founded in 2017. During this short period of time, we have established ourselves as a rapidly developing online bank capable of satisfying the needs of any client. Since May 2023, our bank has joined the group of companies of the Bank of China. Now we are a separate structure specializing in online trading, deposits and lending

Our advantages

Our Bank specializes in providing all online banking services. Our company has many partners and couriers working in 145 countries of the world, which gives our customers the opportunity to use our services from almost anywhere in the world. Through us and our partners, you can perform the following operations:

  • Currency exchange
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Loans
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Investment and brokerage
  • Opening accounts


Bank of China Tower,1 Garden Road, 26th Floor Central Hong Kong
Office hours from 8:00-19:00
Telephone for communication with the exhibition center: 95567
Bank telephone: 95566
Customer Service Department: [email protected]
Investment Projects and Proposals Department: [email protected]





中國銀行國際銀行由國際展覽中心中國國際進口博覽會成立,該展覽中心自1985年成立以來.中國國際銀行提供廣泛的銀行服務. 現在,每個客戶無需訪問辦公室即可使用任何服務. 我們的服務被不僅在中國,而且在國外的個人和法人使用. 我們的銀行成立於2017年. 在短短的時間內,我們已發展成為一家能夠滿足任何客戶需求的快速發展的在線銀行.自2023年5月起,我行加入中国银行集团公司。 现在我们是一个独立的结构,专门从事在线交易,存款和贷款.


本行專門提供所有網上銀行服務. 我們公司在全球145個國家/地區擁有許多合作夥伴和快遞公司, 這使我們的客戶有機會在世界幾乎任何地方使用我們的服務.  通過我們和我們的合作夥伴, 您可以執行以下操作:

  • 貨幣兌換
  • 保險
  • 抵押
  • 貸款額
  • 信用卡和借記卡
  • 投資與經紀
  • 開戶


辦公時間 8:00 - 19:00
與展覽中心交流的電話: 95567
銀行電話: 95566
客戶服務部: [email protected]
投資項目與提案部: [email protected]