Automated account

This is a very effective and convenient account for traders who have their own trading robots, advisors and managers. We will install and configure your robot,  taking into account your parameters. The cost of installation is $1000 and monthly maintenance is $200. If you are interested in the capabilities of our robots, please send a request to our e-mail [email protected] I and we will agree on the best option for you!
  Automated account and Trust management
Trading terminal WebTerminal
Deposit currency Any
Compensation We pay a fee taken by banks when depositing
Ways of transferring funds To choose
Withdrawal To choose
Minimum amount of deposit 22.000USD, 22.000EUR
Maximum amount of deposit Without limits
Minimum lot 0,5
Leverage before 1:100*
Transfer of positions through night SWAP  Free
Trading instruments All assets
Spread Variable **
Margin Call /Stop out 20%
Comission No
Financial support before 100%**
Account Insurance  before 100.000USD,100.000EUR
Trading robots Yes
Scalping Yes***
Hedging Yes
Compliments on the first Deposit Yes
News trading Yes
Selling FUTURES Yes, reserve up to 2 months**
Privileged Assets Trade Yes***
Informing by mail Yes
Trust management Yes
*-Can be changed on request to the company
** - At the company's discretion
***-Have limitations

Open trade account


對於擁有自己的交易機器人, 顧問和經理的交易者來說, 這是一個非常有效和便捷的帳戶. 我們將在考慮您的參數的情況下安裝和配置您的機器人.  安裝費用為$ 1000, 每月維護費用為$ 200.  如果您對我們的機器人的功能感興趣, 請發送電子郵件至我們的電子郵件 [email protected] , 我們將為您選擇最佳選擇!
交易終端 Web終端
存款貨幣 任何
賠償 我們在存款時支付銀行收取的費用
匯款方式 選擇
退出 選擇
最低存款額 22.000USD,22.000EUR
最高存款額 無極限
最小手數 0,5
槓桿作用 1:100之前*
整夜轉倉 交換免費
交易工具 所有資產
傳播 多變的 **
追加保證金/停止 20%
經濟支持 在100%之前**
賬戶保險 前100.000USD,100.000EUR
交易機器人 是的
剝頭皮 是的***
套期保值 是的
第一次存款的讚美 是的
新聞交易 是的
賣期貨 是的,最多保留2個月**
特權資產交易 是的***
郵件通知 是的
信託管理 是的